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Utah Truffles

Each rich and satisfying bite will overwhelm you with silky smooth goodness. Our products contain no artificial preservatives or trans fats so you can feel good about your indulgence.


Almond: Made with natural almond essence and slivered almonds, the almond truffle har- moniously combines the smooth truffle center with real California almond goodness.

Chocolate: Sometimes simple is the best. No additional flavors added, just the rich creamy experience of creamy smooth milk chocolate.

Mint: Our most popular truffle, with just the right amount of pure, refreshing mint.

Orange: Made with all natural orange flavor for a traditional favorite.

Raspberry:  Made with all natural raspberry essence.

Toffee: Bits of crunchy toffee mixed in the luscious chocolate center make this truffle an instant favorite. *Toffee chips contain vanillan.