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Cold Stone Chocolate™

The Cold Stone™ way is more than making great chocolate confections. It’s really about making people happy by bringing a little joy into their lives with chocolate and irresistible flavors.

It’s hard to imagine a happier business than making really good chocolate. But we’ve found a way to make it even more fun by inventing innovative and irresistible flavor Creations™.

Cold Stone Creamery™ is famous for uncommonly good ice cream flavor Creations™ – tasty combinations of premium ice cream and scrumptious mix-ins that we all love. Now we’re doing for chocolate what the folks at Cold Stone™ have done for ice cream. We blend premium chocolate with scrumptious inclusions and ingredients to make new and exciting experiences in chocolate. We promise that youʼve never tasted anything in a chocolate bar or chocolate truffle quite as good as Cold Stone™.