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Amber Lyn Chocolates

Chocolate lovers and aficionados from across the country and overseas agree: Amber Lyn Sugar Free Belgium Chocolate is the finest low net-carb chocolate available anywhere. The taste, mouth feel and texture are virtually indistinguishable from sugar sweetened premium chocolates that cost much, much more. It is sugar free (milk chocolate is no sugar added), gluten free, and contains no trans fats, no cholesterol, no preservatives, no fillers, nothing artificial and it is diabetic friendly and suitable for vegetarians.

Belgian chocolatiers are renowned for making the world’s finest chocolate. What makes Belgian chocolate so unique? It’s the unsurpassed quality of the ingredients and a fanatical adherence to Old World chocolate making techniques and recipes that are closely guarded secrets.

So while there are other sugar free chocolates on the market, few if any can measure up to the quality and taste of Amber Lyn Sugar Free Belgian Chocolate. We guarantee that you won’t be able to tell it contains no sugar.